Drywall Contractors in Durban & Ballito

Looking for a Drywall Contractors in Durban or surrounds? Coastline Projects, along with their array of carpentry services on offer, construct and supply drywall partitioning in Ballito, Durban and surrounds. Drywall options include door and window frames with glazing, suspended ceilings, electrical requirements and flooring. From simple storage partitions to larger offices and factory installations.

Generally a lightweight aluminium frame is utilized, however timber may also be used, and in certain circumstances are preferred. If you are needing to partition or dedicate a space, drywall partitioning is the simplest construct, without long term damage to existing structures, should it need to be removed on vacating the premises the structure is installed at.


Dont under-estimate the usefulness of Drywalling to create those extra spaces you need


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